MD versus IPSPL: est-ce vraiment la bonne question?

Docteur Yul Ejnes* développe son point de vue sur la question en tant qu’invité de l’American College of Physicians. Il explique aussi comment se déroule sa pratique avec les IPSPL.

Pour un aperçu:

« So, when I sit in meetings and listen to angry and frightened physicians or defiant NP leaders discuss “scope of practice,” “restraint of trade,” and who can do what better than the other, I think about what goes on in the real world and wonder if we’re all on the same planet. Why don’t we focus on communication, collaboration, education, and professionalism instead? »

Pour en lire plus:

*Yul Ejnes practices internal medicine in Cranston, Rhode Island, and is the Immediate Past Chair, Board of Regents, American College of Physicians

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